Iceland (TF): 2005

From the 22 July to the 1 August Martin (G3ZAY), Dominic (M0BLF) and Tom (M0TJH) made a visit to the Icelandic mainland (EU-021) and were joined by Tim (M0TDG) for the IOTA contest on the Westman Islands (EU-071). Glorious weather on the mainland meant that there was mostly sightseeing taking place. It was also found that the car battery of the rented 4×4 had very little charge and when on the air one night, the front panel on the rig started to dim after just 12 QSOs. The car then had a lot of trouble starting and it was decided that this source of power would not be used again. No other operating was possible before travelling to Heimaey in EU-071 and a full write-up of that operation is available in the contest section.

TF/M0BLF/P was used from the Icelandic mainland and G6UW/TF was used from Heimaey in the Westmans before and during the contest. QSL info for both calls is via M0BLF.

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