Outer Hebrides (GM): 2006

The end of August saw the annual trip up to the Hebrides by CUWS. Tim, M0TDG; Tom, M0TJH; and Martin, G3ZAY, left on the Saturday afternoon to head up the A1 with the intention of activating the Monach Isles group (EU-111) as well as the main Outer Hebrides group (EU-010). With a brief overnight stop near Carlisle, we caught the ferry across to Lochboisdale on the Sunday afternoon. The weather was quite variable with some very heavy showers and a large swell in the middle of the crossing.

The majority of our stay was, once again, in the excellent Gatliff Youth Hostels (see www.gatliff.org.uk). The first two nights were spent on the Uists. The hope of going to the Monach isles was scuppered by high winds and variable sea conditions. Instead, the time was used visiting local sights and a little operating was done by Tim from the hostel in Berneray.

With little hope of an improvement in the weather, the group moved north to Harris to stay at the hostel in Rhenigidale. Whilst here, we also looked into the possibility of making a trip to the Shiant Isles (EU-112) but again, the weather was not suitable for the boatmen to take us there on any of the remaining days of the week. Some operating was performed from the hill behind the hostel and a good pile-up on 40m was achieved including a contact with CUWS member Michael, G7VJR, near Cambridge.

The final few days of the trip were spent exploring the local paths. The weather closed in towards the end of the week and an attempt to climb the summit of Clisham was abandoned. Some operating was again attempted on the final evening but conditions were so poor that only a few contacts were made. On the journey home, we stopped off to pay a visit to GM4FAM and later G3WGV. We hope that we will see them again at the RSGB HF Convention next month.

Overall, some 150 contacts were made from different islands in the EU-010 group of which around 30 were on CW and the rest on SSB.

If there is sufficient interest there will be a return trip to the Hebrides planned next summer – probably to the Shiant Islands (see www.shiantisles.net). One of the large RIB operators in Stornoway will be booked to provide transportation as they are willing to operate in most weather conditions short of a gale.

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