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Jersey (GJ): 2005

Tim (M0TDG) and Martin (G3ZAY) made a brief trip to Jersey (31 March-4 April) for a long weekend during the Easter vacation. GJ6UW/P was active from the newly built youth hostel (highly recommended) in the town of Gorey on the east coast of the island. Once we had the station set up, we got on the air on 40m SSB just before our sunset. Conditions were excellent and we achieved our best DX of the weekend within a few hours with a contact with VK3. As the evening wore on, we switched to CW and had an extremely large US pile up by the time tiredness (and an extremely loud side tone that even the headphones could not block out from the rest of the room) got the better of us. We called it a night. Sadly, conditions on the higher bands were far worse and were not repeated on 40m again that weekend.

Overall, some 600 QSOs were made of which 450 were on CW.

Jersey (GJ): 2002

The CUWS was active for two days (15-17 February) from Jersey in the Channel Islands as GJ6UW/P. Jersey counts as EU-013 for the RSGB’s Islands on the Air award scheme. Dominic (M0BLF) and Martin (G3ZAY) were operating.

We were active from a location in the centre of the island, St. Lawrance Parish, and worked on all bands from forty to ten metres, SSB. Due to the ARRL CW contest, which was on over the weekend, we did not operate any CW. Topband and eighty metre operation was also not possible, due to high winds which meant that we couldn’t get the antenna raised.

In total, 1533 QSOs were made in the forty-eight hours between Friday and Sunday afternoons.

A Bay in Jersey. Sun, sea and very few clouds.

GJ6UW/P QSL card