“Shacktivity” Oct 15th/16th

It was a busy weekend at the G6UW shack. Firstly we had a visit from Greg MD0IGD a few years after graduating.




On Saturday afternoon Will Vinnicombe prepared for a visit by Bourn Scouts for Jamboree on the AIr. Greetings messages were exchanged with stations in Ontario, Chicago, and Oporto – including with another scout team.

On Sunday morning Dan M0WUT and Martin G3ZAY operated G6UW in the 50MHz AFS contest. For most of the time there was just a little tropospheric propagation up to about 400kms but 30 minutes from the end there was some Sporadic E which yielded about a dozen contacts into central and southern Italy.

Finally on Sunday afternoon a team of 8 members erected a 40m 4-square phased array and a single 80m quarter wave vertical in the adjacent field.